Some of you may have spied somewhere on social media that my little cutie and I transported ourselves to Gran Canaria last week. She needed something to do during her two week Easter school break and I won’t lie, a break in the Sun sounded ideal for me too. And off we went… just the two of us. Read on.



I have no idea how the two of us can eat so much in a week. I mean Sasha is growing into a young healthy pre-teen and needs all the nutrients and cr*p by the looks of it to keep her going, but me?!! During our stay we managed to enjoy an array of Spanish dishes including steak, pizza, garlic prawns, waffles, ice-creams (lots of it), seafood, salads, croissants, crisps, chocolate and I’m sure there was more. The last two days were a bit healthier though as Sasha asked for a full avocado, strawberries, blueberries, freshly squeezed orange juice and more salad at night. What kid eats avocados with a spoon and no salt? I wish I was her…



She wore my shorts and my Sun hat every day and I wore her dress. Not even kidding. I bought her this gingham dress in size 12-13 (she’s 11) at Matalan as I thought it’d be a nice slouchy beach number for her, but for some reason “it wasn’t her style” but fitted me perfectly (well, almost). Win Win!



Apart from eating and beaching we also went on a long walk along the beach from our hotel to Maspalomas Dunas, which was amazing. The 2 hour walk beach was amazing (1 hour there and one back) and the sand was nice too. Walked by a phew nudist beach spots on the way and had a good chuckle or two. We were going to go to Aqualand but it was closed, so we jet-skied instead which was fun (and scary for me). We sat and watched the cutest salsa dancers ever do their thing on the main square of one of the shopping centres just after dinner one evening where the youngest dancer was around 65. It was the cutest thing we’ve ever seen and definitely how I want to spend my time when I get to that age.



As well as using SPF 50 head to toe every single day on our sunny break, there are other things I like to consider or take extra care of when travelling with Sasha alone abroad without my other half. I may be overprotective, but I don’t really care. Things like not checking-in the exact locations of where we are on Social Media, definitely not letting everyone know the hotel we are in, the floor we are on and certainly keep our room key hidden at all times so that the room number is not seen by anyone. Call me crazy, but it’s important to take all the care I can when travelling – you just never know when you’re abroad. Taking extra care of these little things abroad means we can really relax and enjoy ourselves and that we did.

Do you do anything like that on holidays? Kids or no kids?

Hope you enjoyed our little Gran Canaria postcards.
PS! Can we just applaud Sasha on taking those outfit pics of me 😉



  1. April 12, 2017 / 10:17 am

    I have serious sunshine holiday envy right now! xx

    • April 12, 2017 / 7:48 pm

      Hehe I know I want to go back xxx

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