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  1. KK says

    I LOVED this post, Tatyana! Everything about it- the words & photos are 😍
    Might try your gym clothes and wireless headphones trick! Xxx

    • LAFOTKA says

      Aw thank you my darling! So happy you like the post! I know this bag is the cutest! I forgot which one I ordered and was worried the lighter version will arrive, but so happy this came haha!

      Hugs xx

  2. Jen says

    I think it’s all about an attitude change. To think there might be a reason why you missed your flight instead of getting pissed, to think of housework as exercise and creating a clean space instead of a chore. All these things are about mindset. I have made it my mission to change the way I think and it really has helped me get through a lot of hardships!

  3. Sheree says

    I love this post, the points you’ve made are so true. The incident with your passport and Florida trip is so freakish, I can’t believe how thing might have turned out otherwise. Your outfit looks incredible, so chic and the photos looked like they came straight out of a high fashion magazine! I need to get that dress asap.

    xo Sheree

  4. Samjah says

    I’m totally in my allowing this to flow moment for sure. I get conflicting emotions about what should flow and what shouldn’t at time but then I come back to the conclusion that everything should flow. I definitely will be trying that cleaning/exercising routine!!!! That sounds productive and fun!

  5. Kirsten Wendlandt says

    I can’t get over all your accessories in this post, you styled everything so perfectly!! I need to learn how to enjoy housework more.. I am always putting it off because I hate it so much. I need to take a page out of your book clearly!

    xox Kirsten

  6. Dom Baza says

    Hello my friend!

    First off all your shoots are like a page out of vogue! So pretty and amazing. Mad props to you on that my friend. I also love how you are doing some self reflection as we have reached the halfway point. Enjoy housework more. Literally that is what I did today. I have been so swamped and finally took a few hours to get stuff done around here. I could not agree more.
    Thanks for some great posts! 🙂

    Love, Dom

  7. Samantha Mariko says

    This is such a wonderful post, and it’s amazing how you live your life with so much grace. It’s so easy to forget that things, good or bad, can just happen out of nowhere and you have to deal with it sometimes, and anger doesn’t solve the problem. I’m sure it was stressful at the time when your passport went missing but thank goodness you and your family were safe in the end!
    xo Samantha

  8. Valeria says

    I enjoyed the practical examples of how to let things flow and become enjoyable. I agree with you, although I must remind myself every day not to stress too much over everything. On a side note, I’m digging this ravishing shooting! Your style is effortlessly gorgeous and the pictures are so hot and striking! Great post my dear! Love, Valeria

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